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VIP Day Experience 

An Exclusive 1:1 Strategic Planning Day
in Beautiful San Diego

Experience a transformative day dedicated solely to you to get uninterrupted focus and clarity to experience deep transformation in bringing out your true genius and unleashing your innate creativity to brainstorm with a master-level transformational coach. You can use this day to excel at any project, gain clarity and focus on your future, build self-esteem, outline and plan your bestselling book, or even to discover how to grow your business with new enthusiasm. 


As a master-level ICF-certified transformational coach, best-selling writer, and expert storyteller with expertise in online marketing and sales, I specialize in helping you combine your life's work and bring your ideas to life rapidly.


Whether you already have a concept in mind or are unsure of where to begin, the VIP-Day package offers the support and guidance you need to bring it all together without the stress of going it alone. Together, we will kickstart your progress and ensure you achieve your goals swiftly.

Your time is limited and precious.

There's an inherently inspiring and motivating aspect to immersing yourself in a new environment with an experienced coach who has a remarkable way of unlocking fresh opportunities and new ideas. This day fosters focus, clarity, and confidence through a shared experience for brainstorming and decision-making. Consider this your unique opportunity to craft something extraordinary and propel the growth of your book, building a powerful story and branding or rebranding your business.

Here's what you'll receive: 

60-Minute Intention Setting Strategy Call

Our 60-Minute Strategy Call is a pivotal step that occurs within a week of your VIP-Day. This crucial session serves as the foundation for achieving your desired outcomes, meticulously preparing us to get the most from our day together. 

Full VIP Intensive Personal Coaching Day with Dawn

This is a personalized journey, meticulously designed to resonate with your vision and encompass your individual objectives, allowing us to delve deeply into the areas that matter most to you, all while fostering a transformative and enriching experience.

Catered Delicious Lunch and Healthy Snacks 

Indulge in a delectable catered lunch and enjoy a variety of nutritious snacks and beverages thoughtfully provided to keep you energized and focused during your VIP Intensive Day experience.

Two 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

These sessions are available for your use within 60 days following your VIP Intensive Day, providing valuable ongoing support and guidance in your journey.

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