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You are already perfectly aligned for the next level of joy and success

As a Transformational Coach, I guide unfulfilled high achievers to rediscover their creative spirit and reignite thier lost enthusiasm for Life.


I am on a mission to prove that we can start over, improve, and reach new levels of success and happiness at any age with the proper support and coaching. 

Recognized as a leader in transformational coaching, my life-changing programs and workshops have touched the lives of over 100,000 individuals across 30 countries. At the heart of my approach is the knowing that every human is born with the ability to transcend any unwanted situation and live a life of joy and ease and that creativity and art are our birthright. 

With a multifaceted background spanning an MFA in writing, an ICF Master Level Transformational Certified Life Coach with a background in communications, PR, marketing, and online business development, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. I am also a poet, actor, and best-selling author. 

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