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In the Beginning...

I come from humble beginnings, growing up in the heart of the Bronx. My childhood was a whirlwind of stoop-ball games, alley adventures, and indulging in homemade Italian pasta and Polish sausage. Those early years in the vibrant borough shaped my love for storytelling and creativity.

As the 80s rolled in, I found myself thriving at Lehman High School, excelling in drama classes, writing, and acting. By the 90s, I had proudly earned a BA in writing and a minor in classic texts from NYU. My journey led me to the doorstep of a prestigious publishing giant known as Penguin-Putnam (back when it was just Penguin Publishing). It seemed like the dream job, a ticket to becoming a senior editor early in life, but the concrete jungle and the corporate culture of the 90s didn't resonate with my spirit. So, I took a leap of faith and walked away.

Leaving NYC and Penguin-Putnam gave my parents a mini-panic attack, but it opened the door to a remarkable chapter of my life. I was accepted into an MFA program in writing at Eastern Washington University, trading the bustling streets of New York for the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. However, one thing remained constant: I noticed that many adults were slowly surrendering their dreams as they aged.

The call of the East Coast beckoned me back to Burlington, Vermont, often referred to as "The West Coast of New England." Here, I landed an incredible role at the renowned Public Relations and Marketing Firm, PostScript, Inc. During my five-year tenure as an account executive, I had the privilege of learning from the best in the field. But, somewhere along the way, I felt like a caged spirit in my corner office with a view and a personal assistant. I began to wonder, "Who am I, and where did the 'real Dawn' go?"

A brief and less-than-ideal marriage led me back to the Pacific Northwest, this time to Portland, Oregon. There, I was honored to become one of the founding members of Portland Community College's Gateway to College program. Together, we developed a nationally award-winning initiative aimed at helping at-risk youth get back on track. We secured a $10 million grant to replicate the program in 17 states, making a significant impact on the lives of tens of thousands of teenagers.

But then, like a lightning bolt, it struck me: adults were simply at-risk youth with more years under their belt. The demands of adult life were suffocating dreams just as effectively. In 2004, I pursued certification at Erikson College, known for training some of the world's best Transformational Coaches. My journey as an entrepreneur officially began in 2007, with the mission of helping adults rediscover their soul's purpose.

It was a journey of self-discovery mirrored by the transformation of countless business executives, CEOs, Sales Managers, Social Workers, and Doctors. I guided them in unveiling what held them back and creating the lives they desired. Expressive writing and journaling became powerful tools in this process.

Soon, clients began seeking my assistance in crafting their books and refining their personal stories, as the digital age brought forth the explosion of social media and the internet. My tech-savvy nature allowed me to connect the dots of my past, seeing how it all seamlessly aligned.

Today, I empower my clients to understand that within the story of their lives, within the tapestry of their struggles, lie the answers to expressing themselves authentically and attracting a dedicated audience. Just as I've uncovered the profound connections in my own journey, I help others do the same. Together, we craft narratives that resonate deeply, captivate audiences, and build legacies that stand the test of time.

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