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10 Week Fall Writing Group only $97

Fun. Fabulous. Ferociously Productive. 

$97 Early Bird Pricing
Until October 5th 

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Online Writing Group

Jump on board and get your writing done with my seasonal writing group offering. Join our online writing group and reclaim your writing time! Say goodbye to distractions and prioritize your passion. Get the accountability and structure you need to excel in your writing life. Connect with like-minded writers and find inspiration. Receive writing tips, prompts, and strategies to boost your motivation. It's time to feel relief knowing that you're writing every week. Don't wait, join our online writing group today!  

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One Short Book:
The New Bestseller for CEO's, Entrepreneurs & Executives

Discover the Hidden Power of Short Books: The TEDtalk of the Written Word!

 In today's writing landscape, a single short book possesses unprecedented influence. It has the remarkable ability to captivate the perfect audience, catalyze your platform's growth, and attract ideal clients, customers, talent acquisition, B2b and B2C. And now, with my revolutionary One Short Book program, I'll equip you with the indispensable techniques and tools to soar to the top of this booming market. Don't miss this chance to become a game-changer in the world of publishing and beyond.


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One Short Book:
The New Bestseller

Whether you have a memoir, poetry collection, or fiction based on true events, a short book has the incredible ability to spread ideas quickly and shape your legacy. In today's digital age, being an author has never been more rewarding. You have the potential to attract an eager audience, unlock new opportunities, and truly live your authentic self, it's the perfect time to embrace your writing aspirations.


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