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Special Events Producer | Storyteller | Marketing | Sales | Writer

Hello. I recently moved to San Diego, and I'm stoked to be here. I am an energetic and versatile creative force ready to elevate your team's event production and marketing game. With a knack for turning ambitious visions into unforgettable experiences, I've left a trail of successful projects in my wake.

I'm eager to join forces with a dynamic squad of fellow creators, producers, and marketing masterminds. Let's ideate, strategize and execute campaigns that spark buzz, forge meaningful connections, and propel businesses to new heights!  Pictures and special projects below. .

Event Producer | Marketing |Sales  Experience

PostScript, Inc (PR/ Marketing Agency)
  Special Events Producer (6 years)

Excelled as a top-performing Special Events Producer at PostScript, Inc., a leading Public Relations and Marketing Agency in New England. Worked directly under industry heavyweights like Peter Post (of Emily Post fame) and CNN alum Elizabeth Howell. Managed successful events with budgets up to $100,000, delivering media attention, partnerships, and revenue growth for major clients like Merchants Bank (all 23 branches) and Primelink (now Firstlight), a prominent provider of internet, data center, cloud, and unified communications services.

Primelink Event Highlight:  Played an integral role in producing a historic event in Montreal that established a 242-mile fiber optic backbone partnership from Albany to Montreal for Primelink. Facilitated a crucial meeting during the 50k event, between the CEOs of Primelink and  Montreal through effective communication, building trust 

Gateway to College Program  Resources Specialist / Producer / Public Relations (6 years)

Joined the Gateway to College program in Portland, Oregon in 2001 as a Resources Specialist. Aided the team in securing a $13 million grant from the Gates Foundation and creating a program for at-risk youth. As a founding member, also served as a PR Specialist and assisted in marketing the program nationwide, leading to its expansion to 27 colleges across 16 states. Produced various events to drive enrollment and assisted with marketing materials, training, and public relations.


Produced quarterly events to increase enrollment and to celebrate graduations. 

Nia Fitness  Editor-In-Chief  - 2 years

As Editor-In-Chief, delivered top-performing editing and content for newsletter articles and email blasts, resulting in the highest open rates in company history, up to 7% increases.

Collaborated with the creative director and production team to create world-class commercials with $100,000 budgets, flying in top trainers from around the world. Conducted interviews with trainers on camera to capture authentic moments, guiding the storytelling and editing process.

PARC (Portland Area Radio Council)  Writer / Special Events / Sales - 5 years

Developed emerging media programs, including podcasts, webinars, SEO strategies, and social networking, resulting in increased online blog traffic and a 10% increase in leads. Identified weaknesses in content strategies and implemented plans, providing counsel and support to corporate projects and media events, leading to wider reach and increased web traffic. Presented proposals persuasively in board meetings and for internal and external groups, resulting in the execution of highly visible and successful marketing events.

Produced annual events with budgets ranging from $35,000 to $50,000 for radio exposure, doubling financial goals and generating hundreds of leads to promote and educate businesses on the power of commercial radio in local communities and its relationship to profits and community cohesiveness.


Social Media Images for online events 

Special Projects

Aural Pleasure Poetry Soirée

The Aural Pleasure Poetry Soirée emerged as a premier literary event in Portland, Oregon's thriving arts scene. Conceived in 2010 as an intimate gathering at the founder's residence, it quickly evolved into a captivating fusion of spoken word and live music and went from 20 to 150+ people in attendance at Revolution Hall, a state-of-the-art music venue. 


Recognizing the power of auditory accompaniment to enhance the poetic experience, top musicians were enlisted to provide improvisational backing, with a dynamic ensemble featuring stand-up bass, clarinet, drums, mandolin, and guitar – dubbed the "All Pleasure Band."

 As word spread, the event's popularity soared, necessitating a move to the world-class Revolution Hall music venue in 2019 to accommodate the burgeoning audience of "Voyuers."

Showcasing some of the Pacific Northwest's most celebrated spoken word artists, the Aural Pleasure Poetry Soirée became a staple celebration of diverse voices and artistic expression. 

Watch a poets perform at this one-of-a-kind event: Julie CG, Mica Fletcher, Jason Kastrup

The Technique: 

In the year 2012, an ambitious vision struck me - to craft an award-winning short film. However, the path ahead was shrouded in uncertainty, as I possessed little knowledge of the intricate art of filmmaking. I reached out to an esteemed director and actor friend in LA.

His recommendation was to embark on the challenging yet exhilarating journey of the 48-Hour Film Festival, a task where creativity and perseverance are forged under immense time constraints. I assembled a talented ensemble of actors and a dedicated production crew to help with the project. 


This transformative experience illuminated the importance of production quality, and well-crafted scripts.  I contributed as the producer, actor, writer, and one of the editors to the award-winning mockumentary, "The Technique," a satirical exploration of an acting coach's descent into madness. We won, "Best Use of Character" a testament to our unwavering commitment and creative vision.

You can watch the short film by clicking here. 

Portland Area Radio Council Yearly Corporate Event 

As part of its commitment to fostering strong relationships with advertisers and promoting the power of commercial radio, Portland Area Radio Council would host an annual marquee event with production budgets ranging from $35,000 to $50,000. This exclusive affair celebrated the council's valued partners and provided a platform to showcase the efficacy of radio advertising in driving profits and strengthening community bonds.

One particularly memorable year, we went above and beyond by bringing in a renowned Rat Pack Impersonator group from Las Vegas to entertain the VIP guests. This unique and immersive experience not only delighted the attendees but also demonstrated the council's dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for its esteemed partners.

Through these annual events, the Portland Area Radio Council consistently achieved impressive results, retaining clients and generating new connections and leads. This success underscored the council's expertise in leveraging the reach and influence of commercial radio to drive tangible business outcomes and foster a sense of community cohesion.

The council's commitment to hosting these high-caliber events year after year exemplified its professionalism, industry savvy, and unwavering dedication to its partners, solidifying its position as a trusted advocate for the enduring relevance and impact of commercial radio.

BM 2004 from plane.jpeg

Burning Man:

The Event that Puts You To The Test. 

Producing a successful Burning Man camp is widely regarded as one of the most demanding and challenging endeavors for an event producer.

I am proud to say I was chosen to be a lead in producing a successful Burning Man camp for three years. IMHO it is a true test of an event producer's skills, requiring the ability to excel in areas such as project management, resource allocation, team coordination, and risk mitigation, all while fostering a sense of community, safety, and inclusivity for attendees seeking solace, nourishment, and entertainment.

Those who have achieved this remarkable feat, such as the individuals behind the legendary Monkey Puzzle camp, which I was part of, deserve recognition for their exceptional abilities and unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable experiences in one of the world's most challenging event environments.

Unlike conventional events, orchestrating an exceptional experience in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the Black Rock Desert requires an unparalleled level of expertise, resilience, and adaptability.

At Burning Man, the largest musical festival in the world, camps are entirely self-created and self-funded by volunteers. This means that event producers must not only secure funding through dedicated fundraising efforts but also meticulously plan, design, and construct their camps from the ground up, ensuring they can withstand the extreme weather conditions, including intense heat, biting cold, and powerful winds.

The level of logistical complexity involved in erecting and operating these camps is staggering. From transporting and assembling intricate structures like geodesic domes and stages to establishing essential amenities like kitchens, showers, and living spaces, every aspect demands meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by the Burning Man environment.

Moreover, the event's strict "Leave No Trace" policy adds an additional layer of complexity, as producers must meticulously plan for the complete removal and disposal of every single element of their camp, with even a single feather left behind resulting in potential demotion or relocation in subsequent years.

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