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I help high achievers who are burnt out rediscover meaning by tapping into their soul's creativity.

Reignite Your Inner Fire

As a high achiever, you've checked all the boxes for "success." But underneath it all, a dwindling spark stirs restlessly inside. The relentless pursuit of goals has left you feeling burnt out and disconnected from your authentic self.

Deep down, you mourn long-abandoned creative outlets and childhood dreams. That novel you hoped to write, those photographs you envisioned taking, that band you wanted to start - the imaginative fire that once fueled you has faded.

Rediscover Your Passions

It's time to reignite that fire and reconnect with your deepest sources of meaning. As your transformational life coach, I'll guide you on an empowering journey of self-discovery. Together, we'll unlock the creative talents, hobbies, and pursuits that breathe life into your spirit.

Through our work, you'll shed limiting beliefs, break through resistance, and craft a new vision aligned with your soul's calling. You'll tap into the boundless enthusiasm and imagination that spark true fulfillment.

Why keep living for half-empty accomplishments? An extraordinary life awaits - one brimming with purpose, passion, and joy. Take the first step today to rediscover who you really are.

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My best-selling book helps you out of creative resistance 

Go on a short and thrilling journey to decipher your unique patterns of mental roadblocks preventing success as a writer. I have tailored techniques and practices to address long-held resistance, anxiety, and stress so you can unlock powerful creative potential within yourself! 

You'll discover:

  • How to identify your resistance styles and what triggers them

  • Techniques to keep you writing instead of second-guessing yourself

  • How to successfully overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and the fear of "doing it wrong."

  • What it takes to tap into "flow" and inspire your inner muse

  • Dramatically increase your productivity and output

  • Why embracing uncertainty is the key to being unstoppable

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Book a Free 20-Minute Strategy Call 

What Clients Say


"My story finally came to life when I hired Dawn and my short book hit bestseller. It helped me understand the leadership that storytelling can have on a business and the changes it makes in attracting the right clients and employees. The proof to me was in the results, and those results were amazing. Her guidance and insights are invaluable."

Harlan Wheeler, CEO, Best Selling Author

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“I highly recommend Dawn's coaching services to anyone looking to reach their full potential. She has a unique ability to help you see things from a new perspective and make meaningful changes in all areas of your life. Not only did she help me get clear and focused on my book and how to add my personal story, but she knows how to help you shift your mindset, bring out your natural gifts, and step into your genius, so that life gets easier for you to succeed." 

Vicki Dobbs, CEO, Best Selling Author

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"Working with Dawn turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wanted to write a book about my expertise as an internationally successful Tarot reader and to differentiate myself. Whenever resistance came in, I was able to keep writing! Dawn is brilliant at the craft of storytelling and memoir for entrepreneurs. She gave me the courage to become the writer I always wanted to be and helped me get clear on my story. It has changed my life and my business. She is top-notch.”

Jenna Roberts, Entrepreneur, Writer, Tarot Card Reader

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