Your Story, Your Way!

Posted on Mar 31, 2021

Your Story, Your Way!

Today’s guest, Terra Kelly tells us how food and romance helped her become a kick-ass writing coach and why you should always write your story, your way! Plus lots of tips on publishing and building a writing community.


  1. Hi Dawn and Terry!

  2. Terra!!

  3. loving this conversation. When does it end?

  4. Feminine flow embraces love for all! Thank you both.

  5. How fun and inspiring to witness you in this light Terra!

  6. Thanks for all the information!

  7. So great to hear this, and thank you

  8. Very exciting!

  9. Kharizma Thank your that, Kharizma!!

  10. Nell Thank you, Nell, for joining the live!

  11. Yvonne Hi, Yvonne! Thank you for joining the live.

  12. Joy I’m so glad you were there! Thank you!

  13. It was wonderful to meet you all and I loved being a guest on Dawn’s show. I really enjoyed connecting with you and look forward to chatting more in the future. I’m always on social media.

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