Write WIth Me Today! Writing Through Fear.

Posted on Sep 16, 2020

Write WIth Me Today! Writing Through Fear.

Today we will discuss the three phases of fear every writers goes through and also how healing it is to write when you are scared. We wil have a 7 minute prompt and write! =)


  1. hey girl. I’ve been thinking about you.

  2. I DO

  3. Detach with love. Changed my life.

  4. Mary

  5. Wasn’t it Ariella Ford??? The Encyclopedia?

  6. I definitely want to get that.

  7. Like a caged animal screeching out for aid
    I too am screaming as if I’m in a raid
    Too many things to juggle to make them make right
    Too many things keeping me up through the night.
    Let us help each other out and let me retire
    For I feel like I am walking through a blazing fire
    Can we all hear each other’s needs and be right there
    We can be kind even if life’s not fair
    I will hold on for dear life today and we’ll see
    That it takes all of us, for one to be free!

  8. It’s Wednesday at 2:50pm. I’m in a room that has a grand window. I witness the hum of suburbia outside. I’m trying not to count down to be at the bus stop for my son and dive deep into the tasks that come with the evening: the folders, the homework, prep for tomorrow, dinner, church, watch something on the screen and then scrimmage about bedtime and brushing teeth for 2 minutes. The window is open and the smell of outside calls me. I hate being enclosed in these four walls. The Duranta has grown wild like a banshee and I refuse to tame her. I feel the weight of it all on me. What if I just left? What if I escaped? Would I really be free? Or would I find unseen walls to close in on me again? Are these walls really here?

  9. I wrote in a word doc

  10. if i let the fire that abides in me to embrace my whole being
    in its flares of passion and longing to find the real me
    if i let those flames to purify that being that I now call me
    it would consume the fear i have learned, the fear to be seen

    i would remember that i am always safe
    that fear is something programed into my mind
    that is an illusion that fades away when i stop running away
    if i decide to just stay, to be completely HERE
    then i am into my power and fear is not longer there

    i let myself embrace the fire inside me
    the fire of love, the fire of longing
    to let that longing become an intense experience of being alive
    of embracing and savoring each step i take, each breath i am granted
    each landscape i am allowed to absorb with my eyes and soul
    to be wholyt and totally present
    to live to the fullest and be grateful for the tears as for the smiles
    for the storms and cold of winters as for the colorful springs

    I let the fire of life live me……

  11. Maggie — NICE!!!

  12. Thank you for reading my poem…it made me cry… and when you were reading it, I cried more

  13. Betty — “its flares of passion and longing” — wow!!!!

  14. You are all amazing!!!

  15. BETTY !!! applause!!!! APPLAUSE!!!

  16. The fire in the air, the fire in the sky, the fire in my heart, the tears of fury I will cry,
    Now I’m coughing and spitting and gagging on the words you said to me,
    the fury in my blood, the indifferent gaze of how you made me see,
    the fear in the air, the fear in the sky, the fear in my heart, the tears of fear I cry,
    leaning back I disappear, leaning forward I say goodbye, I backed away with caution, I was still holding on, I didn’t want to know, the fury in the air, the fury in the sky, the fury in my heart, I ask God to help me die.

  17. I’m sick of the smoke…it stinks. Everyday is a burn pile from hell. I live in the California foothills and I wonder, “is my home next?’ I live in a constant state of hyperarousal. Anxiety. PTSD. Closing my windows and running the whole house fan. I want to breathe clean air and see blue sky. My pool is long forgotten. I want to feel the water on my skin, and languish in the last days of summer. But no. This pisses me off. I feel cheated and don’t know how to get back what has been lost of the seven years of horrible fires. And so I grieve. Tears. For the plants smothered on smoke. The animals that have had to flee. The burned trees and the lack of birds chirping. Nothing seema the same anymore. I feel like I’m in a bad dream and just can’t wake up. I am angry, beyond angry.. I think moving is the solution, but there is nowhere to go, to nowhere to run or hide.

  18. It worked

  19. thank you Dawn Montefusco por the inspiration and the safe space you create for self expression, thank you

  20. Dawn… awe…

  21. Thank you Avinah

  22. Diane… well done.

  23. Thank you for this Dawn <3

  24. Thank you so much. You are Awesome!!!!

  25. All of you are amazing writers! Congratulations!

  26. The above link will get you in to the free 90 minute writing wrokshop on sept 17th at 10am PST : here is the link again : https://awfe9ba.aweb.page/p/8b7741f2-6073-4c0c-a14c-672f19680883

  27. replay!!! Thank you!! I have an appt tomorrow

  28. Thank you, Dawn!

  29. <3

  30. Thank you

  31. What does the dog wear?

  32. Hello Dawn! All the way from Maracaibo – Venezuela. I have been enjoying all the activities you are promoting. Loved to see you in tears out of emotions. Let them be. You need tears in order to write from your heart. We are in the middle of WW !!! in our hometown and still smiling. No energy, no water, no nothing and witnessing famine. I’m glad I am learning to list my ideas from you. Clear as crystal.

  33. I do!

  34. A believe system is a sentence!

  35. Fight Flight Freeze can often be the culmination when the Fire Fear Fury touches my Heart. It’s like alchemy. The senses kick in and I can even smell FEAR. Running, taking flight will sometimes occur. The body feels the fire as many emotions ignite. Fighting never works it’s better to freeze or pause when the nervous system is challenged ones again. Freeze, stand still, allow silence to move through the any situation. When the pause is over, the silence awakens. Then and only then can the fury be grounded in love wisdom, power, truth.

  36. Yes I wish something was different!!!

  37. I wish our government was not so corrupt

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