Why We Need To Teach What We Know

Posted on Nov 18, 2020

Why We Need To Teach What We Know

Why We Need To Teach What We Know


  1. I am here with you Dawn.

  2. That’s awesome Dawn!

  3. Yes, your mother calling

  4. loquacious

  5. I got it.

  6. I want to be in your 2021 group.

  7. Which free webinar are you referring to

  8. Another Wave of CRAZY….

  9. WOW AMAZING ABOUT your thyroid.

  10. I cried for over two months straight with almost no break but mine was because my body was super stressed and the crying was how my body was trying to get rid of the stress

  11. I want to read How to CRY

  12. Distant LOVE

  13. Mine ties in with your water too…I found out that our tap water was literally killing me so by drinking water and using water, I was destroying my body

  14. The Grief of Downsizing and moving.

  15. on my way to freedom and joy

  16. Crash Landings

  17. Many years ago, there was a day i pulled over to the side of the road and cried. Fast forward, a few years later,I realized something inside of me went numb and I couldn’t cry.. That’s what brought me to investigate emotional release outlets.

  18. Pandemic blues are real. How I found my way out

  19. Which trampoline? I told my daughter I want one yesterday.

  20. I am publishing right now a chapbook (40 pgs) of humour columns I wrote 20 years ago

  21. How do we get the water glass that lights up?

  22. Spark your STAR with Spark 3

  23. Water bottle that lights up to tell you to drink water tiny.cc/29z4tz

  24. Trampoline tiny.cc/79z4tz

  25. More books

  26. write more

  27. I will write more

  28. next one

  29. write a second one

  30. time for dinner:)

  31. Call your book 58 days of Crying –

  32. Subtitle The Gift.

  33. Hearing you confess to 58 straight days of crying will ultimately be healing for me once I process it. Also your advice on how to mitigate it. It has been called to my attention I’m not drinking enough water and I already have a mini-tramp which I’ve not been using tho I’m quite aware of its benefits. I need to get on both those issues with alacrity. I’m still in the middle of daily crying from acute grief since getting the phone call Sept 28 that my husband’s body had been found in his apartment over 48 hours after he’d died. I’d actually broken up with him June 7 after a profound betrayal and then my Mom had a second stroke July 7 and I’d gone all that time through all that stress without crying. Nearly four months. And I’m known as a crier. I’ve been blogging about the whole ordeal but there are things that still feel too raw or too TMI to share and that feeling was confirmed when I learned that some of what I did share had intensified the grief for one of his brothers. So one of the things I have to work out is how to balance the truth of my story against the pain that truth may cause others I care about. Especially since truth-avoidance was at the core of the issues that broke my marriage and in essence led to his death.

  34. Maybe we should write about losses.. it’s like playing ,,,Can you Top This!!”

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