What makes a good dialog?

Posted on Jul 14, 2021

What makes a good dialog?


  1. then they will change it again!

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  4. started filling it out but didn’t press send!

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  6. No wonder they have troubles

  7. can we get a second prompt

  8. Using tension, one location, two characters, no small talk and dialog – don’t answer a question that one character asks so that we feel what the characters are going through.

  9. that is a lot of thought

  10. Easier Prompt: using dialog show us two characters that are experiencing tension.

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  13. After arriving at the airport, John made his way to the baggage claim. Jill impatiently walks up to him and says “ why was your plain so late ?” John says “ I have two bags but I don’t see the other one yet” Jill crosses her arms and gave him a stern look “ are you not going to answer me ?” I’m already late for my scheduled business meeting, where is my other bag, then turning to Jill John said “have you eaten, I’m starving “

  14. She knew what he wanted but he wouldn’t ask. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook. She wasn’t going to make it easy for him. She wan’t going to make it easy for herself. She knew what he wanted . …so much more written but this is the beginnning

  15. “I’m not going”, Brian grunted.

    “You have to”, said Mom.

    “No, I don’t. I’ll stay right here” Brian angrily replied.

    “It’s way too hot. It must be close to 110. I can’t leave you out here in the car all by yourself”, Mom cried.

    The rest of us waited in the heat just hoping it would be cool. We’d been in the car for hours. Unfortunately I the designated navigator had fallen asleep. Who knew Mom would take an hour sidetrack just to get some relief from driving.

    “Okay, just stay there, if you overheat it’s not my problem”, Mom gave up. Brian just shrugged and said, “I just don’t care. I will not walk around some big ranch. Why can’t we just get there?”

    “We’re here now and we are going in” Mom replied.

    None of us were happy but as Mom was the only driver she wins. There’s a great picture of the rest of us kids standing at the sign for LBJ’s ranch – we are all looking daggers at my mom. It always bring back the memory of that hot, hot day. We were all just too young to understand that mom was probably falling asleep at the wheel and just needed to do something else for a while.

  16. more fun than i thought

  17. More fun than I thought too

  18. yes – always surprises me that I can write dialog

  19. I like it

  20. what is importance of dialouge if you are doing another genre?

  21. I do want a copy of your dialogue handout! Thanks!

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