What is the secret to a really good story?

Posted on Jun 23, 2021

What is the secret to a really good story?

Is it the characters? The plot? The length of a book?
Is it the formula? Do you need a formula?
Find out today at 3:30


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  2. Hello Dawn

  3. Hello from South Lake Tahoe!

  4. I love them!

  5. Yay Brussels sprouts most of the time. Don’t overcook

  6. Look forward to it!

  7. In fantasy – creativity!

  8. Conflict makes a good story.

  9. Exposes something that was unknown

  10. When the story creates anticipation.

  11. wild but something I can believe

  12. Increases my capacity to love

  13. outline

  14. Absolutely

  15. I think predictability leads up to “the shocker” (big reveal) which is the unpredictable element, the one thing that maybe some predicted but not everyone. (The picnic interruption) The conflict/dilemma has arrived. Predictably is kind of like the setup for a joke. The comedian draws one in and eventually drops the punchline. And said punchline is often the item that you don’t see coming.

  16. Let’s write some crap

  17. Staying!

  18. “Why Mom” I whined. “I don’t like staying here by myself.”
    “Because I said so and the doctors said so” replied Mom. “You know I’ll bring you something special tomorrow. Look out the window, there’s Dara, Jeff & Paul. They really wish they could visit but they’re too young.”
    “But Mom they keep taking blood and what if they do that test they did on the other girl here? She screamed and screamed she was in so much pain. I don’t want them to do any of those tests on me. That one this morning where they put the tube down my throat was awful!” I was in a quad room with three other girls. One was comatose – quite an eye-opener for me. Another had been in and out of hospitals quite often. The “screaming” test was taking a sample of her lung lining. It was done right in the room, though they did pull the curtains around the bed.
    “It isn’t fair!” I cried. “I want to go home. Please don’t make me stay.”
    “I’m sorry honey. You know if I could I’d take you home this minute. But we have to find out what’s wrong with you,” patiently as always said my mom. “Did you find my notes?”
    “Yes well I found one in my book and one in the drawer with my stuff. Were there more?” I asked.
    “Well you’ll just have to look more carefully tonight after I leave,” she hinted. The notes never failed to lift my spirits.
    I just wish they had actually found out what was wrong. Ten days and many tests later the high white blood cell sedimentation rate started going down without any intervention. So finally I was allowed to go home. But still I wasn’t supposed to walk so stayed home for many more weeks.

  19. First time I thought dialog might work for me – didn’t get a surprise?

  20. I’ve missed you!

  21. Thank you Dawn for prompt, and thank you Tori for sharing. this is my first time on this writing challenge. Such a helpful challenge!

  22. How to get into the flow…

  23. Emotional resistance

  24. Perfect!

  25. I want more of that Zone. Thank you!!

  26. Have a lovely evening everyone. so glad to get to know you a bit!

  27. They are ok depending on how they are used

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