[VIDEO] Finding Courage To Write in Times of Crisis

Posted on Aug 3, 2020

[VIDEO] Finding Courage To Write in Times of Crisis

In this video I talk about the big C. Courage.

As writers this is the time we need to push through our fears and write like our lives depend on it, because it does. 

It’s easy to stop writing and stop being creative when the only thing on our mind is survival during 2020, but now is the time you want your muse by your side the most. If you want your muse to stay right by your side it’s important to remember these three C’s to be an unstoppable writer: Courage, Consistency, and Compassion. 

The question is: how do we build up courage in a time of crisis?

So many people are experiencing an odd lack of satisfaction and getting unmotivated. The whole world is in disarray. We’ve got COVID, protests and the impending election, which are heavy subjects that can take our eyes and energy off of our creativity, which means it’s even more important than ever to find a way to stay the course and write! Courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, it’s the ability to take action REGARDLESS of fear. 

Ask yourself, “What do you need to do to show up daily to write?”, “How can you work in time to express yourself?”

Your words matter. 

I think a great way to reframe yourself as a writer is to re-identify yourself as a creative leader.  Each and every one of us has the potential to be a leader. If you want to make a difference and affect the world, and begin to feel stronger from the inside out, you want to learn to just sit down and write. 

Check out this New York Times Article on Writing

The most difficult thing for a writer to do is to just sit down. One of the method’s a client of mine created is the mantra, “Shut up and sit down!”

The first and most important part of being courageous as a writer is to get past your resistance to just sitting down. That’s it. Sit your butt down. Re-identify yourself as a leader. Then write. Even if you never show it to anyone, your vibration will change, your inner world will heal and get stronger and you will find yourself feeling better and inspiring others. 

A leader creates a habit or pattern that does not change no matter what the conditions are on the outside. A leader lives by her word. 

As a true leader you don’t  let an external condition dictate your behavior, it’s your commitment that guides you. You show up for YOU. It’s akin to putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you can help others.  

When it comes to social media we also have to remember, if we are a leader as a writer we are not in reaction, we are in response and we choose words to help lift others up, not tear them down. 

A leader shows up, a leader builds self trust. If you can’t trust yourself to show up and write, who can you trust? 

A leader also knows how to ask for help. It’s hard to do it all by yourself. Two things help people stay on track: social incentives and progress monitoring. 

A social incentive might be a strong accountability buddy. 

Remember it’s easy to be courageous when everything is going well. But it takes even more courage to take action during times when it’s so easy to give up when you’re feeling down. 

The key is to step into courage and out of crisis. 

Progress monitoring might be just printing out a calendar and put a red X for everyday you write. It’s fun to create a chain of X’s and not break the chain. There is also an app for this.

Ask yourself as a creative leader when would be the best time to write?

Pick the BEST TIME for you to write and show up daily. You only need 15 minutes a day to start. 

Ask yourself, “How can you set yourself up for success?”

If you want to see me get super choked up because I truly felt the pain of wanting to look back in time at the world that once was, you can skip to 15:03 on the video. I start to talk about how we can’t look in the rearview mirror of our lives and it’s important to focus on the future and what’s ahead of us. In that moment I realized the pain I still feel when I remember pre-Covid days. It takes courage to keep moving forward! 

Remember: put your writer’s oxygen mask on first and get to it! 

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