Using Powerful Words the Evoke Emotion

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

Using Powerful Words the Evoke Emotion

I have a wonderful resource to help you “show” emotion versus just tell.


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  2. Protein Shake with collagen & turmeric

  3. Funny question. Beet and veggie soup w pecan danish

  4. Hi Dawn. I’m working. Had raisin brand.

  5. I’m multitasking

  6. Nope. We say Kiss my ass in NYC

  7. Oh Dawn. Egg whites……..

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  9. Eggs

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  11. Not NYTimes Best Seller but popular by metrics of today. We are all busy and have attention challenges

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  14. My birthday!!!

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  17. 1/11. Yearless

  18. I love the Ford sisters

  19. The shadow was powerful info

  20. Trading up

  21. I had been searching for my toddler for nearly 10 mins. I searched everywhere in the house. The alarm was armed and windows were closed. Deciding to search again I entered the family room. I stopped in my tracks and stood there with my mouth and eyes wide open. No words would come. I put my hand to my forehead as if that would help me understand what I was seeing. He was at the top of a bookshelf taller than I was, looking down at me.

  22. Thanks Dawn. Yes he started climbing before he learned to walk.

  23. IT was dark down below. We’d just got off of the tender late from the cruise ship so we missed the scuba tutorial. I popped on the equipment. Learned the hand signals for safe or ok or not and we got in the water off of the dock. The leader, led us through murky water as I was taken by surprise when I realized I wasn’t breathing in the way I had before. I started ti freeze yet my my heart followed my boyfriends lead. He took e by my hand and I fluttered my feet to keep going. The fish were outrageous as were the greens and vibrant colors. I was paling and knew I had ost an element of my senses yet I didn’t want to signal that I needed to go up for air so I kept going bc the sea below was dark mysterious and the sport was new to me so although my legs shacked for almost a day after, I still will ever forget the day we went way past beginner terrain under the sea. The leader took us down 25 feet below and for that I am forever in the memory as if it were yesterday. I

  24. Dumb founded by the Biden victory. Didm

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  26. Its not everyday that a tickle climbs up and down your spine
    That you sense time is no longer linear
    There I was standing at the edge of the boat ready to leap literally and figuratively
    Into the deep cobalt waters of the Marianas Trench in Micronesia and into the rest my life
    I did it. I was here when only two short weeks before in deep freeze of Manhattan, alone and lost.
    I could not breath or talk.
    And now Queen of the Pacific in this moment
    I took the step
    I plunged
    Deeper and deeper into the blue
    Releasing all the pain and disappointment
    Saved by the ocean
    Surrounded by light, colors, fish and life.

  27. Didn’t feel that my sides really knew the magnitude of that event.

  28. Meant to say “didn’t feel that my insides really knew the magnitude of that event. What fun it will be to experience Divine intervention every day.

  29. A small boat that takes people from cruise ships to land is called a tender boat.

  30. Thanks for your ideas! I love them!

  31. Oooh! Yes.

  32. Love you p

  33. I had never planted potatoes before and I wondered how it was possible to produce an abundance of them with one small potato seed. I planted, weeded and watered with much care throughout the summer months. The green plants grew and blossomed just as the flowers did that I had planted.
    Then the day came to start digging. A few shovels of dirt started revealing all that was hiding beneath the surface, my eyes widened and l let out a sequel of delight, my body moved in a dance as I pointed to the ground and could barely say the words “ look look “ as I gazed at all of the potatoes at my feet.

  34. Great Live yet again, and I like your Einstein Love Is The Answer behind you.

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