Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Fatigue

Posted on Apr 20, 2022

Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Fatigue

Writer’s block and writer’s fatigue are both frustrating conditions that affect writers. Blocks can happen at any point in the process, even before you start writing! Fatigue normally occurs after extended periods of time spent on one project, so what’s the easiest way to deal with it? I’ll let you in on the secrets on this week’s show.


  1. Hi Dawn you so funny. Greetings All

  2. that gets me so confused too – now wonder we are confused

  3. If you skip an extra week because of months that have 5 weeks, it should be bimonthly.

  4. Thank you for your vulnerabilty!

  5. Who is your Instagram expert?

  6. Thank you much

  7. can you share your daily ritual / schedule? I’m having a hard time sustaining my energy and being consistent. Your belief system and path resonate so strongly with mine. I adore you, your style, your thought process, and as Linda says, your vulnerability.

  8. I appreciate you too.

  9. when you told us at write like crap happy hour to write from a place of abandon, uninhibited

  10. Happy to see/you. Like breathing.

  11. I get the same flashes

  12. Yes, in Colorado

  13. im pensive

  14. Mine comes as I’m settling into sleep after doing my breathing

  15. Would you mix poetry…rhyming with prose in a memoir?

  16. I’m doing that and I love it….perhaps a scary enterprise for a book

  17. YaaaaY!!!!! for your dad!

  18. my father loved limericks

  19. I love this….This is your next book, though u don’t like self help books your message is soooo awesome…the breath, journal, poetry

  20. i love pen and paper – i’m going to try this

  21. I love it. It’s awesome and beautiful.

  22. Applause!!

  23. thank you again so much for answering my question today. have. good week all

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