The Wild Mind Of a Write

Posted on Jul 7, 2021

The Wild Mind Of a Write

Today we will embrace what it means to be wild.


  1. Loved Wild Mind

  2. Love it!

  3. uninhibited!

  4. “A wild woman writer is uninhibited, enthusiastic, and has an imagination that isn’t held back by rules.”

  5. If we’re playing it safe we are not playing at all – Dawn

  6. sacred space that is safe

  7. thank you Im a dancer who is wild

  8. to let yourself go so that you can be to surrender

  9. vulnerability allows you to be wild in an authentic way. and requires you to surrender

  10. all that is

  11. Raw

  12. “The writer’s job s to expose the unexposed.” – Anne Lamott

  13. I’m more like a turtle – tough shell! hate to be vulnerable

  14. maybe that’s my resistance

  15. teasing from sibling how it makes me vulnerable

  16. Love … wacky ride, a “wild” breakup… dog loved you… vulnerable for sure…

  17. Its pitch black. I can’t see my hand and yes when held right in front of my face. I’m by myself and have wandered away from our campsite. There is no light. I can see the stars. But to see where I’m stepping or my limbs leaves me disoriented. Alone, yet I know where the others are. I’m tempted to not go back and explore more and be wild! I’m always the “good” girl but am so tired of that!
    How can the trees so effectively block light from campsites? I’m only around the corner. I never believed “pitch black” was real before tonight.
    When you’re from a large family you are never truly alone and the first time I remember that happening I was 5. And immediately the universe came down on me as I fell on the jungle gym with no one around. This affected me profoundly and rarely tried to be alone again throughout my life until tonight. I’m 25 and in a weird mood, feeling I need to change course or rethink my path at least. Where am I going and why?

  18. You were very raw and good for you recognizing how you caring for him brought you together …. I wrote about wild spring breaks

  19. this feels vulnerable

  20. Thank you loved this wrote my first poem since childhood

  21. will do!

  22. and thank you!

  23. “Can’t always get what you want….you get what you need”…RS

  24. Open to be judged/criticised

  25. That’s life. The dog loved you but isn’t a barometer of his owner HOWEVER their rudeness was unnecessary. You were the BIG person.

  26. Dawn Montefusco, MFA – Transformational Writing Coach my favorite book!

  27. my writing started I once was a pony…

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