“My book finally came to life when I hired Dawn.  The proof to me was in the amazing results. Her guidance and insights are invaluable. If you want a great writing coach, she will deliver the goods. Her writing and editing skills are top of her class, and she is one of the best coaches.” Harlan Wheeler, CEO, Mighty-Quip, Author, Sales Coach.  Read More

Dawn and I are working together on my memoir book project. Dawn challenges me to go into deeper details to realize the true importance of my work. She provides pivotal feedback for me to excel in my creation process. Her “show don’t tell” mantra has helped me delve deeper into my past and extract the most germane details of my memories. She keeps me focused on what my part is in the writing process and will gently nudge me to get back on track when necessary. Her advice is always constructive and deliberate and never reproachful. I am truly thankful to have Dawn as a partner on my project!”

Knox Robinson, Contract Technical Instructor, and Writer at Clarity Consultants

Dawn is a star pick. Dawn makes dreams come true! Dawn is a talented, passionate writing coach and a master at her craft of story editing. She is the best possible choice, in my opinion, to make a writing dream come true. She teaches with great expertise and uplifts you as she makes you reach and grow. She is genuine in her belief that we all have a story to tell, she offered a free phone consult, and I called. For anyone who, like me, was not encouraged to follow his or her dream of being an author, you need to hire Dawn. It has been the most rewarding of my instincts to act upon, and my story came alive under her guidance, and I finished my book!”

Shirl Crimmins, Author, https://www.facebook.com/ShirlCrimminsSmith

“Before working with Dawn, I was like a hose that had come off a tap: I was bursting with ideas on many subjects, but I didn’t have a reliable process to capture, refine, and polish my writing in an organized way. I would repeatedly stop and start and get frustrated about the inconsistencies and unpredictability of my writing process. After I started working with Dawn, that all changed. I discovered that she has a vast toolkit of coaching methods that helped me effortlessly tap into all my inner resources and experiences to make my writing come alive. She is inspirational, honest, encouraging and highly skilled, coupled with a compassionate determination to bring out the best in her clients. As a result of working with Dawn, I broke through my writing blocks, my thoughts are better organized, and the quality of my work has improved beyond my wildest expectations. I highly recommend working with Dawn if you are serious about your writing.” – Tony Fonderson, Author, Mentor, Speaker https://tonyfonderson.com/
“I joined Dawn’s Book program because I wanted more than just a writing group. She showed me how my book didn’t have to be long to be powerful! I needed to write my book and it was haunting me, but I never found the time and I realized I was not going to do this on my own. Dawn’s program turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Whenever resistance came in, I was able to keep writing! Dawn is an incredible source of support through both pep talks and honest truths. She is a resource of knowledge in the field, and teaches craft of storytelling, dialogue and memoir. I am so grateful that this course has given me the courage to become the writer I always wanted to be. I love the camaraderie of the group and learning all writers struggle with the same challenges. It has changed my life! I highly recommend working with Dawn if you are ready to transform into the writer you always know you wanted to be.”

Jenna Roberts, Entrepreneur, Author, Internationally Renowned Tarot Card Reader https://presentpathtarot.com/ 

“Dawn personally helped me push through many writing and creative blocks. Without Dawn, my current book projects would not be in the final stages nor at the level of excellence that has become a result of her coaching and writing skills. As Editor-in-Chief, Dawn managed the Nia new newsletter, which resulted in higher open rates than we have seen in years. Additionally, Dawn was responsible for writing articles and working with the production team on short videos. I give Dawn my highest recommendation as a writing coach for any project or job related to the field of writer, story editor and writing coach.” – Debbie Rosas, CEO, Founder, International, The Nia Technique
“I could not have finished my book without Dawn’s guidance as a writing coach. My fear of “not good enough” would have held me, hostage, forever. After working with Dawn for a few months, I thought, “Wow, I think I am going to finish a book this summer. How amazing and sexy is that!!” And I did it! Dawn is not only one of the best life coaches and writing coaches I’ve worked with, she also knows how to help you tell a good story and make a book compelling. Dawn will help you past resistance and into your creative genius!” – Anja Degeorgia, CEO and Life Coach of Forward Life Coaching https://forwardlifecoaching.com/author/anjasdegeorgia  

“Dawn has helped me to feel more confident and has opened my eyes to a part of myself I was not aware existed. Her ability to see my blind spots,  along with a patient attitude, has made me a real believer of the process of coaching. I, as a professional marketing director, I have gained new clients by improving in the area of social skills and people managing abilities.” – Dale Fowler, Portland, OR, Marketing Director.  

“Dawn is so awesome.  I’m really happy that I chose to use her services, and I feel like I’m getting a better handle on my values and what I want to express to my clients and managing my time better. As a lawyer, I was over-working and getting off course in what I wanted most.  She uses her talents as a transformational life coach in so many dimensions. She is logical but also helps you dream big and see those dreams come true.  Dawn knows how to create a safe space in your soul to navigate all of your options and feel comfortable making new changes that lead to positive results. That, and I have a better idea of the questions I need to be asking myself.” – Christopher Kane, Attorney, Portland, OR, Portland Bankruptcy Law Group 

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