“My book finally came to life when I hired Dawn.  The proof to me was in the results, and those results were amazing. Her guidance and insights are invaluable. If you want a great writing coach, she will deliver the goods. Her writing and editing skills are top of her class, and she is one of the best coaches out there.” Harlan Wheeler, CEO, Mighty-Quip, Author, Sales Coach.  Read More

Dawn and I are working together on my memoir book project. Dawn challenges me to go into deeper details so that I can realize the true importance of my work. She provides pivotal feedback for me to excel in my creation process. Her “show don’t tell” mantra has helped me delve deeper into my past and extract the most germane details of my memories. She keeps me focused on what my part is in the writing process, and will gently nudge me to get back on track when necessary. Her advice is always constructive and deliberate and never reproachful. I am truly thankful to have Dawn as a partner on my project!”

Knox Robinson, Contract Technical Instructor and Writer at Clarity Consultants

Dawn is a star pick. She is one of the most prolific writers and content strategists that I’ve worked with. She has been a consistent performer and has shouldered all the responsibilities with her teammates, with a pleasant smile. Besides being a high-spirited writer, as a coach Dawn has been phenomenal in giving shape to some of the innovative marketing ideas of our association and she has ably represented our industry for marketing excellence. During her tenure, our association saw more web traffic and sales leads, thanks to the creative ideas that Dawn often comes up with.”

Melissa Kunde, Executive Director of Portland Area Radio Council and Executive Coach, Portland, OR

“I sought out a life coach because I was truly lost. I didn’t know which direction to even start taking steps to pursue my goals. In my first session with Dawn she helped me identify the weak areas in my life and helped me gain clarification on which direction I truly wanted my life to go. Dawn’s coaching was insightful and offered immediate results. She empowered me to be fearless, challenged me to be creative and supported me in my quest to be released from those internal mind tangles. She helped me rewire my brain so I was able to think in the most effective and efficient manner, and gave me tools to use on an everyday basis, so I could continue to manifest and experience this life to its fullest potential. She is truly a gift to the rest of us, and I would challenge anyone to meet her and not walk away a changed person. I strongly support and encourage you to call Dawn and schedule a session, you will be so glad you did, and your life will never be the same.” – Amanda Jones, Author and Business Coach, Seattle, WA, Begin an Adventure 
“Dawn personally helped me push through many writing and creative blocks. Without Dawn my current book projects would not be in the final stages, nor at the level of excellence that has become a result of her coaching and writing skills. As Editor-in-Chief Dawn managed the Nia new newsletter, which resulted in higher open rates than we have seen in years. Additionally, Dawn was responsible for writing articles, and working with the production team on short videos. I give Dawn my highest recommendation for any project or job related to the field of editor, writer, and writing coach.” – Debbie Rosas, CEO, Founder, International, The Nia Technique
“Dawn made a true impact on our business with her writing talent. We have a unique wellness product we sell online and she was able to concisely and effectively capture the essence of the benefits for our customers to help drive sales. Her work is timely and professional and we are delighted to hire her for additional work. With such a broad background of experiences she is able to draw from that. Her command of language delivers powerful messaging. She is a true asset!” – Yasmin Nguyen, Owner, Portland, ORERL Media Corporation
“Dawn is an extremely creative writer and a joy to work with. She is a quick study, asks the right questions and turns around content quickly. I would highly recommend her.” – Nicole Weber, Owner, Portalnd, ORSpot Color Studio.
“I was introduced to Dawn through our mutual client’s website project. She was very accommodating and a helpful part of the team, both taking and offering direction to the benefit of our client. Her writing is both informative and engaging. I’m glad to have met her and look forward to future projects together.” – Denise Dambrackas, Owner and Creative Director, Denver, COMedulla Studio.
“I hired Dawn when I first started my massage therapy practice. She used very creative methods to help me think outside of the box and start creating the business and life that I wanted. She helped me see where my passions truly lie so I could work towards them. Dawn will hold you accountable so you can achieve your dreams and goals in less time!   She helped me to realize I had dreams and aspirations that I had forgotten about due to burnout and is helping me to make those dreams come true.” – Lisa Brooking, Massage Therapist, Portland, OR,  Bright Way Massage 

“Dawn has helped me to feel more confident and has opened my eyes to a part of myself I was not aware existed. Her ability to see my blind spots,  along with a patient attitude, has made me a real believer of the process of coaching. I, as a professional marketing director, I have gained new clients by improving in the area of social skills and people managing abilities.” – Dale Fowler, Portland, OR, Marketing Director.  

“Dawn is so awesome.  I’m really happy that I chose to use her services and I feel like I’m getting a better handle on my values, what I want to express to my clients,  and I’m managing my time a better.  She uses her talents in so many dimensions. She is  a joy to spend time with and I feel totally comfortable disclosing my personal life to her, and having her help me navigate my words to tell my story with my website and marketing materials. That, and I have a better idea of the kinds of questions I need to be asking myself.” – Christopher Kane, Attorney, Portland, OR, Portland Bankruptcy Law Group 

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