Radio: The Super Power of Sound and Story

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Martin Lindstrom says 83% of all branding only appeals to the sense of sight, yet what we “see” is the least effective sense to engage when it comes to activating emotion and influencing behavior. He says, “It is sound that influences people to buy more.”

Radio is the superpower of sound and story. Jack Trout explains that Radio is the primary medium that built the biggest brands of our time from Wheaties to Chrysler to Travelocity. He also states that of all the mediums out there right now, Radio is the only medium that can cost-effectively build a storyline of a brand in a massive way. Jack makes the point that, “A lot of pizzas can look the same, but they don’t have to sound the same.”

Advertising Intelligence

Effective advertising means one thing; gaining share of mind. Determining share of mind means owning real estate in the public consciousness and raising the impact of your message. When savvy advertisers use Radio with creative intention, they emerge as leaders in the perception of listeners. Radio is the empire of the air.

Market Intelligence

Remaining focused on serving people is at the core of your mission, not spending time chasing marketing mixes and gathering research propaganda. “Best in Class” advertising means connecting with actual people and reaching out to the individuals that need you most. Radio’s key competency is using the power of sound to emotionally connect to the masses one person at a time.

The core of our business is audio entertainment. Radio reflects the values and personas of the communities we represent and links those personas to the digital sphere. We bring your voice and your story to life by leveraging the most powerful human sense that drives human behavior: the sense of hearing.

Voice Intelligence

In the age of endless advertising channels, the average person is bombarded with 5000 messages a day. Differentiating in the age of distraction is the determining factor that separates those that win share of mind and those that don’t. Standing out means dominating the marketplace with your voice and your message, Sound marketing will help position your business with the strategic advantage in your community.

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