Use Your Muscle Memory to Push Your Motivation.

Posted on Oct 6, 2017

Use Your Muscle Memory to Push Your Motivation.


Everything is a mindset, which means you have the ability to shift your mindset and start living into the life you want at any given second, no joke. For writers this means start writing, or write more (or insert your favorite creative project.) If you’re slacking on your writing now is the time to re-up. What I mean by mindset is that regardless of the situation you are in, or how your situation is presenting itself, you have the control to view this in a new light and to prevail. The main concern of most writers is this: “I don’t have time,” or “I don’t know how to make the time.” Stay with me here…

I know most of us grew up starting school in the Fall, which means you are already wired to hunker down and write. Our minds are remarkable at adjusting to routines we’ve already been successful at, so if you attended elementary and/or high school you already have this routine wired into you subconscious.

I love how motivating the Fall weather is, especially for writers. October is the best time to jump head-first into the writing process. No longer do you have to endure the stress of warm sunshine tearing you away from your writing practice.

October allows us to gracefully sit down and focus. This is the best time of year to create a solid writing routine. Why? Because it’s “back-to-school time” and it’s ingrained in our minds from childhood.

Routine is where it’s at when it comes to writing successfully.

Most of my clients are busy professionals over 40 who are also mothers and fathers looking for a way to hone in their craft and get their writing done quickly and effectively. I usually have to explain that the only way to get writing done consistently is to create a solid routine. All it means is figuring out the best time to write and to do it at the same time everyday.

“But isn’t routine the killer of creativity?” some ask, because they forgot how great it is.

Far from it. A routine around writing will save you. The idea is to create enough safe space for your writing to flourish. You have this thing called “the known” (routine) and you have “the unknown” (the blank page and your creative juices).

The trick is to be able to combine these two elements and be unstoppable.

Remember there are no fearless creators. Every writer has to overcome fear and doubt in their writing process. The way to do this is by making situational changes (routine) and develop these routines (ones that work) that allow the mind to get comfortable with the discomfort (sitting still and writing). That’s it.

A great writer isn’t made through luck or talent. A great writer is made through routine, perseverance and consistency.

In other words, being a successful writer means being able to create a safe amount of time for writing everyday and then letting it rip! Now is your time to tap into your back-to-school mind and love every bit of it.

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