Reality TV Paved the Way for Your Memoir

Posted on May 4, 2022

Reality TV Paved the Way for Your Memoir

It used to be simple. There was fiction and there was nonfiction. Reality TV took off in the 90’s and so did memoir from “ordinary people”. The publication of Mary Karr’s memoir “The Liars’ Club” and Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes” in the mid-1990s had nonfiction bursting at the seams. So began the genre creative nonfiction. Now, as we launch into the 21st century post-pandemic era with TikTok and Social Media, you have a shot at telling stories and letting the reader decide what’s really real and what’s sort of real.


  1. are you seeing this?

  2. Hi Dawn! Just got on! Jane G

  3. Hello Everyone!

  4. awful according to my siblings

  5. 40%

  6. Maybe 50 % but then I have a good memory!

  7. my memory is impeccable but it differs than others in the. memory – 50% is my best statistical guess

  8. Are you describing Creative Reality?

  9. You are so funny, Dawn

  10. Thanks Dawn!

  11. Enjoy!!!

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