How Writer’s Block is a Saber Tooth Tiger

Posted on Aug 26, 2020

How Writer’s Block is a Saber Tooth Tiger

Today I will explain how the brain can sometimes link writer’s block to being chased by a saber tooth tiger and teach you how to outrun it. We will also have a fun 5 minute writing prompt!


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  4. 2020 Has been an amazing year of personal transformation for me!

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  8. I’ve read the War of Art thanks to you!

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  12. What is tiggers block? Or what was the word?

  13. No , she means Talkers Block!

  14. It’s been FANTASTIC so far! Thank you, Dawn, these interviews have been EXCEPTIONAL!

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  16. Dawn, The Healing Power of Words has become my daily literary compass! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  17. I agree with Jacob. They have been extraordinary.

  18. Thank you for extending the replay. I only caught a few of the interviews! You are amazing, thank you!

  19. Resistance…an overprotective parent killing our dreams!!!

  20. YES… Work from the unknown! Embrace the unknown! Draw inspiration from the unknown!

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  22. The bicycle

  23. Bicycle

  24. Bolt

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  28. Great story!!!

  29. When I was 8 years old, my father bought me a scaled down-size drum set. He was a professional drummer and began teaching me all aspects on how to hold the sticks, how to use my left foot on the high-hat pedal, and my right foot on the bass drum pedal. Along with keeping tempo on the snare drum and cymbals, plus throw in drum rolls here and there. his dream was to introduce me during band-jobs and sit in for a few songs. All was going fine, but when i was 11 years old, The Beatles came out on the Ed Sullivan show. When I saw Ringo in back and the three others up front. I told dad I wanted to be a guitar player. at first he was hurt, but after three years of Lessons, i joined his band for all the all the songs, not just a few, every time he booked a job. he was thrilled.

  30. In England in 1959 I was visiting Fountains Abbey in England with a friend, long before it became a circus. It was just the ruin of the old abbey and church and outbuildings. The air was so heavy with prayer, I sank to the ground stunned. That was the moment I understood the power of prayer and that it’s not a momentary thing but an ongoing lifeline for all ages. It was prayer without ceasing, and I just fell into the stream of it. Ever since, I have been aware of the power not only of individual prayer but of corporate prayer. It has nothing to do with denomination or religious conviction. It has everything to do with lifting up your voice from your heart to ask or praise.

  31. The lightning bolt of love hit me in 2005 right before Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I realized the love of my life was a rough and tumble repairman who stumbled into my life after I left California. We were friends before we were lovers and the night of light hit me on a beach after some tequila, wild love, and the fear he was leaving for Mexico to be with another person. I had fought the feeling but I couldn’t once the lightning bolt struck my heart. We were married in 2012 and the lightning bolts keep a-comin’. The realization of our profound love for one another lights up my world every day and night. Though we have been through many actual storms of life, the one true lightning bolt that struck us both on the beach under the moonlight in Ocean Springs, the summer of 2005 will last forever.

  32. Sophie stood on her terrace, starring up at the darkening cloud cover in the sky. It was due to rain sometime soon, but she wasn’t sure when precisely. There were still bits of blue peaking out through the cloud cover.

    Behind her, the maid opened the French door to allow her English setter, Lingy, to come outside. The dog took a few steps slowly then halted, with her nose up in the air, sniffing intently, then froze in place.

    So interesting, Sophie thought. The storm must be very near and the dog can smell the electrical energy that is coming their way. Then sure enough off in the distance, in the mountains, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky. And a minute later, the thunder rang out.

  33. The Bolt
    Yesterday I was frustrated the other day that I was struggling with my meditation practice. I spoke with a spiritual coach who suggested that this may cme from a pattern I inherited or learned from my parents. After thought and contemplation about it, I totally found the exact source of the issue and was able to resolve it. In what seemed like a moment I knew that this trend had started when I was just a little baby and had been reinforced by parents throughout all the many years of my life in different ways. With that, I was able to talk to my inner child and forgive myself for any anger related to the issue and I even extended the forgiveness to my parents at every stage of my life. I was so empowered that I sat down and wrote the most beautiful poem about turning anger into love.

  34. I’d be happy to.

  35. Here’s my prompt called “Bolt”

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  37. I’m currently in a seminar and one of the experts shared a concept she called Left Hand/Right Hand. She said when we are going through a personal transformation journey a lot of our loved ones don’t understand what we are going through. We struggle with not being able to connect/share our truths with friends and loved ones. She said the left hand is your 7th power meaning our “tribe” and the right hand is your friends and family. She said if you are in pain both hands are together (you don’t know which hand you are in). You are trying to combine/please these groups of people. You feel frustrated! Your job is to determine how to keep those two hands separate and how to maximize each community. Get filled up in the 7th power from your tribe & give unconditional love and compassion to the friends & family. So, fill up from the left hand and give to the right hand! That’s the flow. WOW! Had an AHA moment!

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  39. This unfamiliar energy bolted through my body. I was certain God showed up to help me with the laundry on this ordinary day sun shining bright with temperatures registering at 5 degree freinheit. this bolt of energy rippled through my whole body leaving my skin tingling with a new sense of purpose. What is this bolting, buzzing, motion moving through my body, Dear God, if you teach me what it is I’ll teach the world how to bring it ON.

  40. I don’t know if this is okay, but here is a downloadable free version of The War of Art

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