How to Stop Racing Thoughts and Chill Out and Write.

Posted on Oct 7, 2020

How to Stop Racing Thoughts and Chill Out and Write.

How to Stop Racing Thoughts and Chill Out and Write.


  1. ready ready ready

  2. hi

  3. the fire omg

  4. so scary first time seeing your channel that time. you are very strong

  5. disciplined and ready

  6. i am learning that this year. wow that is valuable advice. nice one.

  7. he is pathological.

  8. where ever the attention plus he likes to challenge the system. and he is surprisingly good at it. and then there are real limits. that is just the effect. real limits.

  9. exhaustion issues.

  10. you are a hig achiever that is good let others get to their level.

  11. give them more time.

  12. keeping what you have alive. yes. animation. i love that you are holding a pen. you are an absolute pro. i am all it. i am happy i found you freely. i will keep by you this year. thank-you. m.

  13. ways of self control.

  14. form completed. m.

  15. like the marie kondo the art tidying holy cow best book and person. she is like spark and keep the joy. sit low in the home. and greet the home. for us people on all the time. and ground to the home. indoor and outdoor.

  16. getting things done.

  17. delta energy

  18. See you soon.

  19. it is amazing content you offer, all the time, i love your transparency

  20. You are phenomenal Dawn. I love your unwavering authenticity. You are a beautiful soul. I empathise, although my circumstances here in Australia differ to what you are experiencing there in Oregon. Thank you for offering your wisdom up at a time when you need your self-care as a priority. I am eternally grateful, and you make this world a better place. Never doubt the wonderful and positive impact you have on others. Much love to you.

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