How to Get In Flow With Writing and What Does That Mean?

Posted on Jun 30, 2021

How to Get In Flow With Writing and What Does That Mean?

What is Flow?


  1. Hello from Texas under 100 so good

  2. I can see you and hear you but I couldn’t figure out the b live things.

  3. Hello from Finger Lakes NY

  4. Hi Dawn haven’t seen you in a bit. Working on getting “Escape Frpm The Ivy League” edited. Greetings from Hackensack!!

  5. Howdy from CA

  6. Is that flower on your left shoulder new?

  7. Please relate flow to Quantum Leaps

  8. Without expectayion/

  9. isn’t it part of the “mystery”, not really describable?

  10. its like reading about swimming instead of actually swimming…flow

  11. painting

  12. floating in water anywhere

  13. Let’s do a writing retreat in Hawaii 🙂

  14. My whole experience at Dartmouth was built upon “going with The Flow” which transformed my life through diagnosis hospitals and beyond. These days I am in flow when texting my woman I’ve never met–where dew the hours go?????

  15. Flow: When I do ritual for the Goddess because it’s for Her and not for me and it completly absorbs me.

  16. As a synchronized swimmer any water experience puts me in the flow

  17. just wrote trust and then you said it!

  18. gives energy

  19. Out of time

  20. Five important parts of flow

    1) Detached from the outcome
    2) You wouldn’t regret doing it looking back on your life
    3) Relaxed Concentration and it GIVES you energy
    4) YOU allow yourself to do it wrong ie. Write Like Crap
    5) TRUST that it’s going to lead you in the right direction

  21. You loose track of time

  22. alignment writing

  23. a moment in flow

  24. wow

  25. so fun!

  26. It didn’t bother me when the Campus Cops entered into Steve’s room and stood over me non-accusingly as I lit a bowl of hash I had magically produced from The Void out of the Universal Abundance in which I was immersed. I was God sand had no fear of their Authority, So I inhaled as they asked me “Are you Dale?” I answered “Yes” w/o hesitation and agreed to follow them to the car waiting outside, a station wagon famous on campus. I was going to meet the the President of the University. or so I thought. It was atwo-0minute ride to Dick’s House, the school infirmary, where a team of Ivy League psychiatrists were waiting to “interview” me. I spke with three teams of three for the next four hours. O never met President Kemeny who had been a personal assistant to Einstein. But I was in a mental ward within fours days with a roomie named Gabriel

  27. a piece of the writing like crap! who are you growing into..the vines reach beyond the wall…no need to escape…you are exactly where you are supposed to be

  28. My girlfriend in Toronto used to walk her 6 ft Iguana daily. She also took oatmeal baths with the lizard.

  29. I wrote about doing ritual, as the whole ritual is actually designed to produce flow. One thing that came up was about doing different actions at the same time with each hand that engage both the right and left brain. It’s not on the list, but do you see this left/right brain simultaneous engagement as important to flow?

  30. When I am in the flow of writing my mind is focused on the words that are flowing out of me and on to the screen as I type. I am emersered and nothing else matters around me. A way where only the words concern me and the twists and turns of the story emerge. I am there, right there with the characters.

  31. I wrote about meeting a teacher on a hike of about a half mile that took me three and a half hours… lost in a dry creek bed.

  32. i need a pan drum!

  33. Wow! I love that:). What is the name of the drum again?

  34. man i love that…chasing the dragon!

  35. passing clubs is the best for flow!

  36. i do metacognitive drawing

  37. juggling clubs

  38. Thanks so very much. It was certainly an “Eye-Opener”

  39. signed up!

  40. 3

  41. Hello from Glastonbury UK

  42. Loved it most interesting that it felt like I wanted to get lots into the time. Without looking at the time being in the flow will I get to the end. Will there be an end. Great exercise. Great listening to your flow.

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