“Get Off The Shelf!” Interview with Vicki Dobbs.

Posted on Jun 15, 2022

“Get Off The Shelf!” Interview with Vicki Dobbs.

Vicki is an extraordinary spiritual coach, healer, and author. Her new book, “Get Off the Shelf” helps us see how important it is to make ourselves a priority in order to share our gifts with the world!


  1. Hi Dawn and Vicki

  2. Hi, Dawn!

  3. Its WET where I am so I’m inside to watch YOU

  4. Lost you.

  5. I love this

  6. Great example of showing!

  7. Can you share few more examples of showing over telling?

  8. Thank You soo much!

  9. Do you have a daily writing discipline?

  10. Thank you!

  11. This was amazing!!! Thank you both!

  12. Vicki@vickidobbs.com is you want a signed copy. The book comes out on June 21st. And it will be .99 cents for the first three days!

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