Freaky? Wild? Warm?

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Freaky? Wild? Warm?

Today on my weekly show “Write With Me” we dicuss the importance of being brave enough to write from your heart and not get caught up in someone else’s idea of what you should be or do or write.


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  2. I’m really liking what you do.

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  4. Thank you for sharing. I have been feeling that as well

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  6. I hear you!!!

  7. Love your tattoos Dawn!

  8. I’m dealing with our three senior pups who are having difficulty walking sometimes etc.. That process of honoring them every moment. Thank you

  9. Thank you for being you.

  10. I understand you

  11. Where can I join this specific one?

  12. Yes!!!! I love this… speak your heart and live your truth

  13. Amen!

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  15. I love mark nepo

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  24. Where do I send this poem I am writing?

  25. Prayers have their place in comfort, solace and inspiration
    However, it is through the lived prayers that we define ourselves
    Don’t let your prayers just be a clone of others
    What is your personal prayer?
    It is the difference between a stone sculpture of a bird and one soaring in flight

  26. I am not your bird of prey
    I am perched on a bird of pray
    I have been waiting for your permission to be myself
    I kept waiting and now I’m 60!
    I kept waiting for your to throw me a morsel of love
    I tried to be a clone of anyone around…
    Anyone…but me.
    Not me
    I wasn’t enough.
    I want good enough, smart enough, quiet enough pretty enough…
    Now what?
    Now, I say I have a write to right
    I have a right to write
    I have a right to speak
    I have a right to be me
    I think I will start right now.
    I am me in all my glory and faubles
    Nice to meet you.
    Love, Maggie

  27. Thank you Dawn for being so real!

  28. Thanks for being you. You are very inspiring.

  29. Oooh love your writing no offense

  30. Thanks for calling me a bad ass! Haha

  31. Great job!!!

  32. thanks for inspiring me to write today!

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  38. My life is full of great stories and I,m better at talking. It sounds like what you do…a little of everything and shorter times on computers.

  39. Dawn, you are amazing! I am so grateful that I met you through the Healing Power of Words. Your zig and your zag describe me as well, and I am blessed to be part of all you have to offer. Count me in for your Zoom meeting if there is still room-Eastern time. Thanks so much for your authenticity and for affirming us all!

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