ENCORE Five Day Challenge Day ONE

Posted on Jul 19, 2021

ENCORE Five Day Challenge Day ONE

Today is Day One of the ENCORE Five Day Writing Challenge! If you want the handouts for the challenge please register at https://writefromyourheartseries.com/5-day-challenge-2021/


  1. I can see and hear you!

  2. I see you.

  3. to open my eyes

  4. My first decision was to get up to run. Today was our first day of relaxing some of the covid restrictions

  5. Tried to figure out my dream.

  6. To water my garden before the sun came out.

  7. yay

  8. Take a shower

  9. before you open your eyes is magical best time to medititate

  10. Hi Dawn and Everyone

  11. Me.

  12. Oh dear, I do look at my phone.

  13. me

  14. I do, especially to look at the time

  15. I do

  16. Cool! Love it!

  17. Oh crap! That’s what’s been happening to me!!!

  18. True!

  19. Me too, I read so much in the mornings I get super tired after

  20. Prayer of Protection

  21. Love that little prayer. I wrote it out and stuck it on my wall the last time you shared it

  22. This is brilliant!

  23. Yes I agree

  24. So computer unsavvy. How to post on ‘thread’.

  25. Thank you!

  26. Great live. Thank you

  27. Chose a new radiostation on my alarm clock.

  28. My why is yo help people see there can be light at the end of the tunnel and my other why is to inspire people with my articles

  29. To get ready for the doctor’s appoint to be able to leave on time. It’ an hour way. Turns out it didn’t matter because he was over an hour late because of n emergency! But I was on time for a change!!

  30. Aw Dawn wait twenty years and see how 70 is and planning which outfit you wear is how your aches and pains fit! lol!!!

  31. Ok so I THINK we are putting our homework in each days ENCORE thread, which is this one for day one right? I don’t see any other threads so I’m assuming it’s this one??
    I will post mine here but if it’s wrong will someone please tell me where it really goes? Thanks!

  32. What to fix for breakfast

  33. Deeply grateful indeed Dawn..you are Heaven-sent indeed! So timely! Cheers

  34. Yes. I check the weather

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