Does Your Writing Style Work For You or Against You?

Posted on Jan 19, 2022

Does Your Writing Style Work For You or Against You?

Weekly Show “Write WIth Me” this weeks topic “Does Your Writing Style Work for You or Against You?


  1. see and hear you!

  2. not too red –doing great–Mac Cat beside

  3. perfect

  4. glad

  5. Hi from the Greater Boston area!

  6. grateful – 2 boys survived covid

  7. What’s a word for chaotic but less intense?

  8. Big Dig is less than impressive…

  9. confuesd

  10. Yeah

  11. I feel like the pinball, banging in all directions

  12. Go into right slot!

  13. rack up points?

  14. intermittent, yearly

  15. Weekly writer and I chunk out time to write depending on what I’m writing. Although, I spit out one bad poem a day after y meditation.

  16. Weekly writer, mainly in evening when the day has slowed down.

  17. I’m an intermittent writer–journalling daily/semi-daily; writing in mornings & when under pressure.

  18. two or three times a week, often with images (photos)

  19. Questions like:
    Is it best to write in the morning?
    Should I set aside an entire day?
    How many days should I write each week?
    How many hours each day do I need to write a full chapter?
    I can only write after midnight, is that okay?

  20. Daily Writer (a little every day)Chunk Writer (a few hours at a time)
    Day Writer (a full day or days at a time)

  21. I do.

  22. kind of

  23. I read at an open mic Friday night and I could feel that coming…


  25. Admire, don’t compare

  26. Okay

  27. value your own work

  28. admire how they did that

  29. I had to get up early and write, otherwise wasn’t getting anything accomplished. So far now this is working well for me

  30. PISCES

  31. Yes. Writing each day 9:00-10:00 in the evening.

  32. I will, but unable to make the live chat due to med appt at that time. Will do on my own.

  33. Yes, write in early afternoon beginning today

  34. Writing MY BOOK from 12-1 each day except on Tuesday when I write from 10am-12pm with my writng group.

  35. Thank you!

  36. dtruggling

  37. I meant struggling, lol

  38. explosion! Yvonne in Clearwater

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