DAY THREE ENCORE Five Day Challenge!

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

DAY THREE ENCORE Five Day Challenge!


  1. Hi all!

  2. Yes! Excited!

  3. Hello Everyone

  4. Hey there everyone!

  5. everyone

  6. Oh Dawn, I just experienced one of your Roger moments from the driver who took you home!

  7. HI Everyone and Dawn!

  8. We call that the “poo’ me” from what Bob’s taught said as a child!

  9. Daughter

  10. Because – then what….?

  11. Completion of the dream

  12. Fear of success

  13. Don’t want to to take the chance no one else will want the book!

  14. Things change.

  15. Feeling anti climactic

  16. Fear of it being a flop or success

  17. Yes ma’am

  18. Bob is listening and says you should use “help, poo me” for your victim door!

  19. I have my outline done. I thought what I love the most about my outline is how the opening and final chapters come full circle but I’m no longer sure I want it laid out like this. <3

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