Confession of a Writing Coach 21 Days to finish my book

Posted on Mar 10, 2021

Confession of a Writing Coach 21 Days to finish my book

This is my 21 day commitment to my audience that I will finally finish my book. I’m going to show you how to take 80,000 words and shorten it to about 45,000 words so that I can have a short book best seller.


  1. Hi Dawn ! 🙂

  2. Omg what happened Dawn ? Austin Powers Moment ??

  3. Did you just get one ?? Nice water bottle

  4. The vaccine ??

  5. I’m scheduled for May 13 I will remember to drink tons of water. Lol now I get it Austin Powers Moment.

  6. Of course your

  7. Book is about resistance right??

  8. Now your a pro to be able to write about it, since you have been through incredible resistance ! Now you can teach about it ! 🙂

  9. Omg . That’s crazy dawn! Truncation

  10. You can use the material in other ways. Yes cool!

  11. Metamorphosis

  12. Yes! I figured out I have Candida overgrowth and in my journey (one 2 months in) I have been very inspired to slow down and begin writing for real and commit to my dreams

  13. What do you think “Scurgency” means?

  14. FOMO

  15. Hey Dawn!! Ooh, never heard of scurgency. Good one.

  16. I love what your saying!!! OMG. Yes I remember and I’m gonna tune in. I want see how you are doing. And learn. You can do it!!!!

  17. Heck yeah! Your super power!

  18. I love Scrivener

  19. Countdown

  20. I like countdown

  21. Day 1

  22. How do you spell skivner??

  23. Scrivener

  24. Thank you sue

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