Boredom is your best friend when you are writing a book

Posted on Apr 6, 2022

Boredom is your best friend when you are writing a book

The Best Ways to Capture Your Ideas In Motion. How do you ensure you won’t miss capturing one of your best ideas!


  1. see and hear you

  2. completed a memoir, am a senior citizen living on social security. need a developmental editor on a shoestring. do you have any suggestions?

  3. email me this question at

  4. What does a developmental editor specialize in?

  5. I found an awesome editor on Fiverr

  6. thank you for your advice

  7. Im interested in author entrepreneur workshop(:

  8. thank you bye

  9. Bringing together religion and psychology anyone writing on this subject

  10. Thank you again Dawn!

  11. Author Entrepreneur please…

  12. I have 189 writing notes on my phone, ugh…but i’ve discovered the way to transfer them directly to at least word perfect

  13. I wasn’t here live, listened later – THIS was the most awesome facebook live!! I resonated with so much of what you said and shared – love love love.

  14. let me know about the Author Entrepreneur training….

  15. try guys a little experience is that men in their 50’s are trying to cling to their youth by dating much younger women…

  16. Greeetings hearin you loud and clear!!

  17. author entrepreneur yes

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