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Cracking The Resistance Code

How to Break Through The Fear of Uncertainty and Write Your Book

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Writers who don’t write put themselves in the form of a self-imposed mental imprisonment that must be unlocked to live a fulfilling life. This book will help you conquer fear, resistance, and uncertainty so that nothing can stand in the way of bringing your greatest writing projects to life.

This book is a thrilling journey to decipher your unique patterns of mental roadblocks preventing success. I have tailored techniques and practices to address even long-held resistance, anxiety, and stress – all so you can unlock powerful creative potential within yourself! Get ready for a dramatic transformation as you put these concepts and exercises into action with these tried-and-true methods.

You’ll discover:

  • How to identify your resistance styles and what triggers them
  • Techniques to keep you writing instead of second-guessing yourself
  • How to successfully overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and the fear of “writing it wrong.”
  • What it takes to tap into flow and inspire your inner muse
  • Dramatically increase your writing productivity and output
  • Why embracing uncertainty is the key to being an unstoppable writer.

Write Your True Story

How to Unleash Your Creativity, Share Your Message, and Inspire the World!

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This book will tell you why right now is the best time in all of human history to write your story and finish your book. It will show you how to write your story in a way that will not only connect you to your authentic self, but also how to make deep connections with your reader. It teaches you how to break through resistance and writer’s block and shows you why writing just one book can help attract an audience of millions and simultaneously make a big impact in the world today.

We often devalue our experiences and discount the importance of our stories. This book is for those of you who wish to write stories and experiences about your life. Perhaps you want to write a memoir or a collection of essays or put together a book of personal stories and poems. Whether you want to write for publication (traditional or self publishing) or as a private effort to leave a legacy for your children or family, this book will help you see the value in getting it done now.

Maybe you just want to write for your eyes only to find a deeper meaning in your personal experiences. No matter what your reason is to write, the most important part is that you finish your book it to see what’s on the other side.

"Resistance Styles" Guide to Break Through Resistance and Write

Download this guide to identify your personal resistance style so you can break through creative resistance and write! 
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