Best Outline Template Ever.

Posted on Jun 9, 2021

Best Outline Template Ever.

Don’t be afraid of the empty outline! I make it fun and easy.


  1. Sound is on and off for me

  2. Hi Dawn hearing you now

  3. Hi from Deborah! YES!

  4. I was having trouble hearing when you were sharing your screen. It was cutting

  5. Not when you share screen

  6. I can see and hear you now. But, when you share you screen, the sound is off.

  7. not with screen

  8. No

  9. No can’t hear with shARE SCREEN

  10. yes can hear

  11. too small

  12. I can hear you

  13. yes, I can hear and see you.

  14. No, not when you showed your screen

  15. Yes can hear you now

  16. yes hear but can’t see slide

  17. but can’t see it

  18. yes perfect

  19. Yes hear

  20. yes, I can hear you now and see fun and games.

  21. Fun and games

  22. the calls

  23. the call

  24. the image is fuzzy and out of focus.

  25. I can’t read your text. Everything is out of focus.

  26. would love a copy thanks!

  27. I’d love a copy!

  28. yes please pdf handouts 🙂 🙂

  29. I would love a copy of those please and thank you!

  30. You are frozen

  31. You are cutting in and out with the screen share again

  32. same for me! it makes it hard for me to on this live bc so fuzzy… I can’t look at it

  33. screen keeps freezing – is it on my end?

  34. No problem here

  35. yes see yes hear

  36. You are good now

  37. Coming throguh fine now

  38. I don’t see where they are?

  39. where are they?

  40. please show them?

  41. This is so helpful You are a great teacher.

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