Write Your True Story: Unleash Your Creativity, Share Your Message and Inspire The World 

We often devalue our experiences and discount the importance of our stories. This book is for those of you who wish to write stories and experiences about your life. Perhaps you want to write a memoir or a collection of essays or put together a book of personal stories and poems. Whether you want to write for publication (traditional or self publishing) or as a private effort to leave a legacy for your children or family, this book will help you see the value in getting it done now. Maybe you just want to write for your eyes only to find a deeper meaning in your personal experiences. No matter what your reason is to write, the most important part is that you finish your book it to see what’s on the other side.

Filled with practical wisdom and tools, the book tackles:

  • mindset issues that prevent us from writing
  • why your story matters now more than ever
  • the beauty of exploring your own heroes journey
  • how to use imagination with memory
  • ways to develop trust (in yourself, the process, the mystery)
  • triggers or prompts to elicit our own stories
  • and much more

Stay With Me: and other poems

A stunning collection of poems for both page and stage reveal a spirited, sharp, and a graceful use of language. From poems that erupt out of ordinary snapshots of life, to those that embody the transformative power of imagination and rhyme.

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