7 Signs You are In Resistance. Resistance is a Shapeshifter.

Posted on Oct 16, 2019

7 Signs You are In Resistance. Resistance is a Shapeshifter.
 Resistance is a Shapeshifter.

Resistance is not something you can point at. It is not visible. Just like gravity, we see the results of it, but we cannot put it in a jar and show it to you. Try to point to resistance, where is it? It’s in the air. It’s on our smartphones, computers, and tablets.

It’s everywhere we look even if we can’t see it. It’s a thought that makes you put down the pen or walk away from the keyboard. 

The biggest trick of resistance is that it creates doubt.Doubt is resistance’s favorite operating system. It takes a person from love, determination and inspiration to something that creates the ultimate damage: no action.

Things don’t change without action and if doubt is ruling the show, you will be in a place of inaction, conformity and depression without even realizing what’s causing it. 

Resistance is stronger than fear. It can stop you for years, whereas fear stops you for moments. You can get past fear faster than you think, but doubt and resistance lingers like a festering blister that won’t pop.

Somehow we think if we think hard enough and use our “try-harder” muscles we will somehow beam relief down from outer space and not have to lift a finger to make it anything happen.The idea is to move the needle bit by bit with the right support. One step at a time –  until finally you see your masterpiece take hold! 

The number one secret to combating resistance is to surround yourself with the right people and never do your writing alone.  You need a support group, a teacher, mentor, coach or accountability buddy. We are not meant to get through anything alone.Resistance loves solitude so it can let the inner critic win. 

Resistance loves it if you hang around with the wrong people, such as naysayers, or bad relationships, or shitty jobs, where you feel yourself deteriorating. Don’t listen to people who tell you to “let it go”,  “do it tomorrow”,   or “don’t be so hard on yourself”.

Resistance gets high off knowing you are afraid. Resistance wants prediction and since creativity and writing is unpredictable it wants nothing to do with it. Uncertainty and the unknown is what creativity and writing is all about, so resistance can talk you out of writing really quick if you are around the wrong people. Resistance would rather you die unhappy and unfilled than risk being exposed, or successful.

Here are seven signs you’re in resistance:

1. I’m too busy, there is no time (In reality there is more time than you think, it’s about managing your mind and energy not your time.)

2. You procrastinate and think you will do it later (You can always start right from where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve waiting until now.)

3. You lose interest and tell yourself “This is boring, it’s not my thing” (Resistance is lying to you, you love to write – but you don’t understand why you feel bored. )

4. You space out and find yourself in a different room doing something else (You sat down to write and now you’re washing the dishes or watching a Netflix video. WTF?)

5. You feel paralyzed every time you sit down to write. (Your hands don’t move and everything you thought you were going to write is a blur.)

6. You find reasons not to act and think something else is more important, even when it’s not (You think you have to call your friend back, or workout, or prep dinner, or do laundry, but you really don’t. It can wait. )

7. You’re impatient and don’t want to do it because you think it’s taking too long (You think your book should be easy to write on the first go, so you judge yourself and compare yourself to others and give up quickly.)

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With Love and Gratitude and Keep Writing!  

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