7 Signs You’re In Resistance

Posted on May 12, 2017

7 Signs You’re In Resistance


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage ~ Anais Nin

Like many people I have a need to follow my calling. I’m a writer and a coach. I want to help people create the life they want authentically and help writers write from their hearts.

You would think I’ve mastered resistance but I still get caught in it’s trap. Resistance never seems to go away. It’s how you choose to deal with it that makes a difference.

I know the seven ways resistance tries to fake us all out.

Keep in mind that your calling can be anything that stretches you to go against what other people want, yet you know you have to do it anyway.

They say that when you make a solid decision to do something that is beyond your comfort zone, the first thing you will do is resist. As you enter into the “discomfort zone” you slip into this odd place of resistance. During this phase you will possibly hear yourself saying one (or all) of these seven things:

  1. You’re too Busy (“I don’t have time for this.”)
  2. You’re scared into inaction (“What if?”)
  3. You lose interest (“This is boring, maybe it’s not my thing.”)
  4. You’re disorganized (“where did I put that?”)
  5. You feel paralyzed (“I just can’t think or get going.”)
  6. You find reasons not to act (“I can’t because” or “waiting tables wasn’t so bad.”)
  7. You’re impatient. (“This is taking too long. I can always go back to teaching.””)

It was Marianne Williamson that said, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us,” so of course we resist. We resist being ourselves because rising to that kind of potential can be scary.

Who would you be if you were to be yourself could be successful doing what you really love?

As a society, we are afraid of reaching our potential for fear of losing or failing at something, and so we shoot low hoping for a small prize because we don’t think we can reach  the grand prize.

You might think you’re afraid of failure, but the truth is you are probably more afraid of success. Statistics show that all successful people fail. They just recover faster and keep going. You don’t have to change if you fail, but if you succeed everything changes.

The trick is, you don’t have to do it alone and you will find lots of support along the way because the right people will show up once you commit to your calling and ignore the voice of resistance.

“Races are not won by the fastest athletes. Fights are not won by the strongest men. But the races are won and the fights are won by those who want to win most of all.” – Tommy Lasorda

They say that there is a lot of tension when you embark on a mission and the tension builds slowly until the most tension is felt right before the biggest breakthrough.

The problem is that most people give up at 11:59 when they should have held on until 12:00.

I’m writing to you today to say hold on tight. Enjoy the ride. Make it bumpy. Find people to help you. Fall down a few times, and then, when your ready get back up and remember one step at a time will get you further than you think.

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