" Dawn helped me get twice as much done in half the time and expand into new areas. The proof to me was in the results, and those results were amazing. Her guidance and insight are invaluable. "

Harlan Wheeler, CEO, Author, Sales Coach

Creativity Coach

I help writers, artists, and entrepreneurs redirect vital energy towards living a more creative life. When you embrace your creativity you gain a new sense of power. I will help you rediscover your dreams, re-energize your career/business, and make life-design choices to live a healthier and happier life.  Read More


I take the stress out of the creation process and find clear ways to connect your message to the people you want to reach. Whether it’s starting from scratch, or coming in as an editor and revisionist, I work with you to create the message you want.  I interface directly with designers and developers, and take into account SEO needs, help start blogs, edit books, write web content and develop online strategies to drive traffic to websites. Read More

Writing Coach

Whether you want to write a book, start a blog or finish a project, I can help.  I support you in finding your voice, teach you skills on how to tell a great story and encourage you to develop your own style. If you want to overcome writer’s block, or are overwhelmed by too many ideas, my coaching skills provide the inspiration for you to get it done. I provide coaching and consulting services to both new and established writers. Read More